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GitLab has developed core training, accreditation and certification for sales, solution architects (pre-sales engineers), and post sales engineers and consultants. The GitLab Partner Enablement Program is designed to provide our partners with similar training as GitLab employees themselves. For details on available training resources visit the Channel Training, Certifications and Enablement page. Our Open track is available to any partner that meets minimum requirements and will identify or support GitLab sales opportunities. GitLab Open Partners may or may not be transacting partners, and can earn product discounts or referral fees. Resellers, integrators and other sales and services partners join the program in the Open track.

gitlab implementation consultant

It can streamline cycles, eliminate friction, and remove unnecessary translation across tools. A majority of security pros say their DevOps teams are shifting left, and 47% of teams report full test automation. Can your existing DevSecOps and application security keep pace with modern development methods? As more companies recognize the importance of a proactive approach to cybersecurity, GitLab’s unique DevSecOps solution will continue to play a crucial role in helping organizations stay ahead of the curve and protect their digital assets.

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Available issue types are pulled automatically based on the currently configured Jira target project. GitLab users can harness the power of Jira and GitLab without switching context. View Jira issues within GitLab and close Jira issues with a GitLab commit or merge request.

  • Whatever your business case may be, we provide cost-efficient approaches to migrate your data from legacy tools or CI/CD systems and assist you in simplifying workflow to improve efficiency with GitLab as a single-application platform.
  • Overall, GitLab serves as an extensive toolkit for seamless code collaboration, streamlined software development processes, and enhanced project management.
  • GitLab’s Integrated Security Training offers developers actionable and relevant secure coding guidance within the platform, reducing context switching and managing strain on security professionals.
  • Not only does this help organizations release software faster, it ensures that their software is more secure and cost efficient.
  • As the cybersecurity landscape continues to evolve, GitLab remains at the forefront of DevSecOps innovation, offering organizations a comprehensive solution for securing their software supply chain and protecting against cyber threats.

Find out which Jira and GitLab integration is right for you based on the capabilities you need. Anyone on the team can get a real-time view of which repos are being worked on and where a deployment is, without having to ask a developer. With end of support for our Server products fast approaching, create a winning plan for your Cloud migration with the Atlassian Migration Program. GitLab Shell also has a few operations that do not involve Gitaly, such as
resetting two-factor authentication codes. These are handled in the same way,
except there is no round-trip into Gitaly – Rails performs the action as part
of the internal API call, and GitLab Shell streams the
response back to the user directly.


During these engagements a PS Engineer will work with you full time, focusing on building solutions to business problems using GitLab. Please see the below engagement SOWs for pricing and specific activities for this engagement. By integrating security and compliance throughout the entire SDLC, GitLab enables organizations to proactively address vulnerabilities, streamline remediation efforts, and ensure the ongoing security of their software and infrastructure. A significant challenge for organizations adopting DevSecOps is getting developers to prioritize fixing code vulnerabilities. GitLab’s Integrated Security Training offers developers actionable and relevant secure coding guidance within the platform, reducing context switching and managing strain on security professionals.

Based on the proposed Gitlab solution, we match you with the most suitable Gitlab expert from our team. Using Gitlab in a customized way that fits your company’s needs requires careful planning. You need to first have an accurate Gitlab Implementation or Improvement plan, and find the most suitable Gitlab expert that is able to deliver precisely the changes you need. Delight ai implementation your customers with seamless operation & instant updates using cost-effective, flexible, and scalable system. Modernize your system to streamline inspections, better resource monitoring, visualize data, and reduce operational costs. Keep up with the rising customer expectations and integrate more technologies while reaching heights of a safer and sustainable future.

Why SBOMs are important

The development, release, and timing of any products, features, or functionality remain at the sole discretion of GitLab. GitLab is expected to soon feature automatic digital signing of build artifacts. Additionally GitLab anticipates supporting the ingestion of externally generated SBOMs. GitLab uses CycloneDX for its SBOM generation because the standard is prescriptive and user-friendly, can simplify complex relationships, and is extensible to support specialized and future use cases.

“I was impressed with the amount of professionalism, communication, and speed of delivery.” Provide detailed and practical training to end-users and system administrators ensuring a jump start with GitLab and get the most out of it. How can we help you improve cycle time from weeks to minutes, reduce development costs and time to market while increasing developer productivity. The GitLab Rapid Results Consulting package helps you quickly implement your GitLab solution and enable your organization to take advantage of your GitLab purchase quickly. Deploy GitLab in your AWS environment to meet your scalability, resiliency, security and performance requirements.

Single Application for Entire DevOps Lifecycle

We provide GitLab Consultants on a short term or long-term basis to supplement your team based on the additional skills required to support your growth initiatives. Our GitLab Consultants provide real-time assistance with specific tasks such as coaching, performance tune-up, implementation and maintenance of your GitLab applications. Our development team can build add-on features, dashboards or integrate third-party capabilities to ensure your team has the best solution to effectively integrate and collaborate across the organization. Upcoming features, such as custom roles with granular permissions, will further enhance GitLab’s role-based access control capabilities, helping align organizations’ security policies with the principle of least privilege. DevOps teams who require compliance functionality (ex. SLSA 2 framework) can use GitLab to generate attestation for all build artifacts produced by the GitLab Runner. The process is secure because it is produced by the Runner itself with no handoff of data to an external service.

gitlab implementation consultant

With increasing regulatory and compliance requirements for organizations, GitLab’s focus on governance helps teams identify risks by providing visibility into their projects’ dependencies, security findings, and user activities. DevSecOps, a strategy that integrates security and compliance into the traditional DevOps development process, offers organizations a way to achieve this goal. The growing importance of cybersecurity in today’s digital landscape cannot be overstated. With increasing vulnerabilities, cyber threats, and regulatory requirements, it is essential for organizations to adopt a proactive approach to securing their software and infrastructure. GitLab has made SBOMs an integral part of its software supply chain direction and continues to improve upon its SBOM capabilities within the DevSecOps platform, including planning new features and functionality. For instance, GitLab currently plans to have the Runner automate attestation.


The CI VMs however run on WMCS which is only available in the eqiad datacenter. You can install GitLab on most GNU/Linux distributions, on several
cloud providers, and in Kubernetes clusters. To get the best experience, you should balance performance, reliability,
ease of administration (backups, upgrades, and troubleshooting) with the cost of hosting. Learn how to create Jira issues directly from GitLab Security Vulnerabilities.

gitlab implementation consultant

Workhorse accesses the gitlab/public directory, bypassing the
Puma application server to serve static pages, uploads (for example, avatar images or attachments),
and pre-compiled assets. GitLab has developed a robust set of partner enablement, training and commercial programs to enable our ecosystem of partners and customers to gain the full benefits of DevSecOps and Digital Transformation investments. Support your implementation and adoption with deployment, integration and optimization services.

Citizen-Centric Resiliency In Challenging Times

The GitLab Channel Services program is designed to help new or existing partners design service portfolios around the DevSecOps Lifecycle in correlation to GitLab products. The program helps partners evaluate business opportunities and creates a technical enablement framework to use as they build their GitLab-related service practices. We’ve simplified getting started with GitLab by partnering with leading cloud, DevSecOps, Technology, Solution, Resell and Training partners to help you deliver better software faster. Our GitLab ready integrations are a direct line to the environments and tools developers trust most.

Why Choose InfraCloud as your GitLab Consulting & Support Partner?

We’ve simplified GitLab deployments by partnering with leading cloud providers to deliver better software faster. Our cloud native integrations are a direct line to the environments developers trust most. GitLab partners with a global ecosystem of leading partners to support our customers’ growing DevSecOps and Digital Transformation needs.

Our team of DevSecOps experts will help you embed security throughout your software development lifecycle, fostering a security-first culture for your applications. Empower your software development process with Adaptavist and our GitLab partnership, leveraging the expertise of CI/CD and DevOps experts. Our team will help you optimise workflows, automate build, test, and deployment stages, and manage diverse infrastructures. Experience seamless collaboration, accelerated time-to-market, and enhanced product quality with Adaptavist’s tailored CI/CD solutions and GitLab’s powerful all-in-one DevOps platform. Customers and business stakeholders demand software that is fast, reliable, and secure.

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